Winter Maintenance Tips

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Winter Maintenance Tips


So the weather is changing  and our Subie may need a little TLC to help us get where we need to go!!  To avoid costly repairs and ensure your safety, prepare for harsh conditions in advance by following a few simple guidelines:


  •    Stay current with oil changes. Motor oil is the lifeblood of every vehicle and we recommend replacing every 4,000 miles.
  •     Check the starting systems including the battery. If the battery is older than 4 years or has low cold cranking amps., it may not work well in cold weather.
  •     Check filters, coolants and hoses– Make sure all filters (oil, gas and air) are in good condition. Check the coolant (anti-freeze) and thermostat to ensure proper engine warm-up, and make sure your heater and defroster work. Coolant should be changed every 2–4 years, unless the Subaru is newer and may have extended life coolant. Check for signs of deteriorating hoses and replace as needed. We often see bulges, leaks or cracks in the coolant hoses.
  •    Tire Pressure– Check tires for excessive wear and proper inflation. Under-inflated tires increase wear and fuel consumption and over-inflated tires can reduce traction, especially in icy conditions. Check manufacturers recommendations for proper inflation of tire brand/model.

…and if you want us to take care of this for you, feel free to call 941‑8062 and schedule a “Safety Inspection” and we’ll make your vehicle is ready to ride the roads…and the snowbanks!

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