Recommended Service Schedules

Maintenance Recommendations

Keep your Subaru running great! Subie Guys, an independent Subaru repair facility, provides scheduled maintenance that fulfills factory warranty obligations, per the factory service manual requirements, and still costs less than the dealership. Plus we pay attention to a few other details to ensure your Subaru stays in tip top shape despite the particular demands of Michigan weather and traffic. Some places cut corners to save money and time, but we want to see you for your 200,000 mile service, so we take extra care to do scheduled maintenance right.

Subaru Maintenance Schedule

3750 mile service (Minor)

Oil Service/General Inspection

7500 mile service (Minor)

7500 inspection / Oil Service / Tire rotation

15000 mile service (Intermediate)

15,000 inspection / Oil Service/Tire Rotation

22500–Repeat of 7500 service

30000 mile service (Major)

30000 inspection / Oil Service /Coolant change / Spark plugs / Air Filter/Fuel Filter/Tire Rotation

37500 — Repeat of 7500 service

45000 mile service (Intermediate)

45,000 inspection / Oil Service / Air Filter/Tire Rotation

52500 – Repeat of 7500

60000 mile service (Major)

60000 inspection / Oil Service /Coolant change / Spark plugs / Air Filter/Fuel Filter/Tire Rotation

67500 — Repeat of 7500 service

75000 – Repeat of 45000

90000 mile service (Major)

90000 inspection / Oil Service /Coolant change / Spark plugs / Air Filter/Fuel Filter/Tire Rotation

105000 mile service (Major)

Includes repeat of 45000 service along with Timing belt required 2.0L 2.5L all and 1999-up 2.2L engine

120000 ‚150000 mile– Repeat of 60,000

Our Subaru  Recommendations

In addition to the factory recommendations, we recommend/offer the following:

  • Transmission fluid service every 30,000 miles for vehicles under 100,000 miles
  • Transmission fluid service every 15,000 miles for vehicles over 100,000 miles
  • Air Filter at least once every 15,000 miles

Quarterly Safety Inspection

Includes inspection of belts, hoses, brakes, fluids, starting system, suspension, air/fuel filter, oil and coolant leaks


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Stop in and JOIN US tomorrow for National Cream-Filled Donut Day! Donuts on a Friday, what could be better? Come in between 8-5! ...

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It's Back to School Time:
As Summer winds down and school starts, many parents will be back in the carpool lane. This is a good time to make sure your Subaru is in the best shape to carry around your precious cargo.
These quick tips will help your vehicle keep up with your busy schedule:
1-Routine Maintenance.
Your vehicle's engine will likely be working overtime since most carpools require quick trips in heavily trafficked areas and extended idling. Changing your engine oil, replacing dirty air, and checking your tire pressure are all important to keep your vehicle on the road, not on the side of it.
2-Prepare for Fall Showers.
Be prepared for fall showers. There may be times when you have to make the ride to or from school in a heavy downpour. Make sure wipers glide smoothly across the windshield without streaking and that you're getting enough tire traction on a slippery road.
Talk to your children about where they walk outside of school. Remind your child to always use school crosswalks and sidewalks and be alert to their surroundings. According to the Safe Routes to Schools organization, of the leading types of youth pedestrian crashes, 33% are due to ‘dart-outs’ entering traffic mid-block, often between parked cars.
Schedule your fall maintenance today. Call us at 231-941-8062

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Teamwork in action! We had a guest who urgently needed the brakes replaced before a holiday weekend! The Subie Guys made it happen! #subieguys #subarurepair ...

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We are ready to work on your Subaru! Our team is ready, willing, and happy to help you with all of your Subie questions or issues.

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