Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

What We Do:

Remove Cylinder Heads, Resurface Heads, Replace Head Gaskets and all other Required Seals and parts....


1 week

While most Subarus last decades without a head gasket failure, it can and does happen (more often in the 2.5 from 97-2009) while this is a major repair working with Subie Guys is your best way to get the problem fixed, and fixed right.

Prices can vary on the head gasket repair, but we will try our best to make this essential repair more affordable. Some symptoms of a failed head gasket are:  coolant leaking on the ground, oil leaking on the ground, overheating, white sweet smelling smoke from under your hood or out of your exhaust.

Contact us today to get a quote if you suspect that your head gasket has failed.


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3 days ago

Subie Guys, Inc.

Woot woot! This is why we drive Subaru’s!We are proud to announce that Subaru has been named Most Trusted Brand for the fifth year in a row, by Kelley Blue Book! Learn more: bit.ly/2IAlEc4 ...

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5 days ago

Subie Guys, Inc.

Have you heard about the "Experience the New Dark Skies Campaign?" It got me thinking about the dark sky preserves. Perfect for stargazing in our Subie.
Has anyone visited any of the ones listed?

-Lake Hudson Recreation Area
-Negwegon State Park
-Port Crescent State Park
-Rockport Recreation Area
-Thompson's Harbor State Park
-Wilderness State Park

I'm ready to make plans to check some of these out.

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