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Subie Guys was started in 1998 by my dad and brother, Jerry and Zeb Grover. Their love for Subaru’s and the dependability they offered made them decide to specialize in Subarus only!

I remember being a teenager and taking my car to get an oil change. My dad would always say, “Just tell them to only do an oil change. Everything else-check with me first”! He had always hated the high-pressure sales and the fact that services were often recommended that weren’t needed.

Because of situations like that, Subie Guys was founded with the goal of working with our customers to educate them about their vehicle and how to maintain it. We don’t subscribe to the philosophy that everything needs to be done right now. Instead, we help you prioritize and plan for future maintenance.

A true Subaru FamilyIn 2007, my dad passed the baton off to me, and since then, Zeb and I have been trying to serve our customers using that same philosophy! Customers may often fear that they will be taken advantage of by repair shops. We pride ourselves with being honest and NEVER recommend services that we feel aren’t needed.

We love Subarus! Everyone in our family drives a Subaru as well as most of our friends (at least the good ones, wink wink). It has been our experience that Subaru owner’s are loyal to their cars and depend on them to get them where they need to go.

We are looking forward to caring for your SUBARU needs now and in the years to come!


Nichole Bennecoff

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Meet our team

  • katieg

    Katie G

  • sabrinak-subaru


    Customer Service
  • Bryce the Subaru Nerd


    ASE Certified Technician
  • Dennis one of traverse city's best subaru experts

    Dennis P

    Service Manager
  • Zeb Traverse City's top Subaru Mechanic


    Head of Subaru Tinkering/Owner
  • Nichole, Subaru Shop Manager


    Office/Boss Lady

subaru-engineWe know Subarus! After years of servicing only Subaru’s, we have seen almost every problem related to this make. You will not pay us to ‘learn’ how to fix your vehicle. In most cases, we can diagnose it quicker and fix it faster than the other guys. We keep in stock many parts that others would have to order and have learned which parts are the best for each job. That means better service, quality and turn-around time! You wouldn’t go to a dentist for a heart problem, then why would you go to a non-Subaru repair shop to fix your Subaru?

What Our Customers Say

  • I don’t take my Subie anywhere else period. Fair & Nice people those
    Subie guys. These days, I find a lot of value in that

    Todd L.

    - Traverse City
  • Professional, friendly and informative

    Colleen C.

    - Suttons Bay
  • Very good service, friendly staff. I’m very satisfied with the customer service I received. I will be back!

    M. Aprea

    - Fife Lake
  • I rely on Subie Guy’s to take care of my car and they do a great job in ensuring I have a safe and maintained vehicle. Customers are treated fairly and honestly. Way to go Subie Guys!

    J. Blakely

    - Cedar
  • I’m very happy with the diagnosis, communication, and result. The car drives much better and all my complaints were addressed. Well done!

    A. Lipstadt

    - Frankfort
  • Excellent work. Done quickly. With superb customer service.

    R. Wilson

    - Traverse City
  • I have only had two contacts, but would recommend that an owner should stop in and look around, talk to Dennis.

    J. Hawley

    - Frankfort
  • I fully trust the Subie guys to take care of our cars and to be fair and honest.

    J. Asher

    - Traverse City
  • It was literally the best experience I’ve ever had with a Mechanic. Dennis is my go to guy from now on.

    Jeremy Q

    - Kingsley
  • They have always met my expectations. I will continue to recommend them!

    J. Chapman

    - Traverse City