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Local Experts

We live here, we love Northern Michigan. When we're not doing awesome stuff to Subaru's we are out exploring and enjoying everything northern Michigan has to offer.

Decades of Experience

We've been driving and repairing Subarus for decades. When it comes time to work on your car, choose the one shop in town that is truly dedicated to subies.

Great Prices

We have a great stock of Subaru parts on hand, and our techs spend all day working on this type of car. Which means less time and money with the highest level of quality.

Reliable Support

We are always here before and after your service. If you have questions we will be here to help you with any Subaru repair questions.

Our Shop

Awesome Subaru Repair shop


What is the recommended maintenance schedule for my Subaru ?

Aside from the standard 3,000 mile oil changes, and seasonal services there are minor and major services recommended every 15 to 30,000 miles. Click here to view recommended service schedules for your Subaru

There's a small puddle of oil beneath my car, is that bad ?

Boxer engines are high performing well balanced pieces of machinery that when maintained properly can last hundreds of thousands of miles. Oil leaks can be caused by various things, some minor and some major. Contact us immediately to make sure your Subaru is in great shape.

Are there seasonal services that should be performed on my Subaru ?

Yes, there are services that should be performed seasonally. Check out our recommended services page to make sure you are keeping your subie in the best condition possible.

Do I need to replace all 4 tires if only one is bad?

Yes, this is true if you have an All Wheel Drive Subaru. There are a few reasons for this. As a tire wears, its’ outside circumference becomes smaller. If a new tire is placed on a car with 3 used tires it will usually have a bigger circumference and therefore roll at a slightly different speed when driving. This speed difference can be enough over time to cause damage to the AWD portion of the transmission. If you have an older Front Wheel Drive Subaru than you can replace your tires in pairs with the new pair going on the front and the 2 best used tires going to the back.

I replaced my battery and now my lights are flashing, what do I do ?

This is usually a normal response with Subarus that have  the factory installed alarm systems. When the vehicle battery is disconnected, it resets the alarm control unit to prompt you to re-program it. Consult your owners/security system manual to re-set the system…or call us and we can do it for you!

What can I expect when I come in for my appointment?

We try to schedule  appointments so that our customers do not have to wait longer that expected. When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our office staff and we will check you in. We will try to get as much information about the specific reasons that you are visiting us and what the symptoms are with your vehicle. This will help the technicians to more accurately diagnose the problem.

If it is necessary for you to wait while your vehicle is being worked on, we have a friendly waiting room with wi-fi,  coffee and ‘good magazines’, as our customers put it!  During the warmer months, we also have an outside area with chairs so that you can soak up the fine Michigan weather.

How do I drop my vehicle off after hours?

There is a black box on our front door that contains envelopes. Please fill out your name, phone number(s) and an explanation of the repair work/problems. Put your keys in the envelope, seal it, and place it through the slot in the door. If you already had an appointment scheduled, we will call you when it is done. If not, we will call you after we look at the vehicle.

Why come to the Subie Guys rather than my regular mechanic?

We know Subaru’s! After years of servicing only Subaru’s, we have seen almost every problem related to this make. You will not pay us to ‘learn’ how to fix your vehicle. In most cases, we can diagnose it quicker and fix it faster than the other guys. We keep in stock many parts that others would have to order and have learned which parts are the best for each job. That means better service, quality and turn-around time! You wouldn’t go to a dentist for a heart problem, then why would you go to a non-Subaru repair shop to fix your Subaru?


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From everyday maintenance to major repair services we are here to help you rest easy knowing your Subie is in good hands.

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